Terms of Use and Membership and Clubstr Policies

When you use Clubstr as either a general user or have an account representing a venue or artist, there are certain terms and conditions that you must agree to and follow. Your usage of this website implies agreement with the following terms. Clubstr has the right to modify these at any time. Users who have a login to Clubstr will be notified of changes by email.


Clubstr.com is calendar website where people can listen to music tracks uploaded by artists and artist representatives. Clubstr does its best to put into place conditions that will cause the calendar to be as accurate as possible, but we cannot guarantee that it is 100% accurate, nor be held liable for innaccuracies in the calendar. Clubstr works on the principle of best information available and has a heirarchy of trusted sources to attempt to present the most accurate information on the site. With the exception of copyrighted material like audio tracks, information on the site is owned by Clubstr, not the parties which may add or edit the information, and thus may be changed by Clubstr admins at any time if we determine that we have reason to. These reasons include but are not limited to: 1) innacurate information, 2) misleading information, 3) offensive content, 4) legal breach of a copyright.

Digital Rights

Clubstr has methods in place that attempt to ensure that users who upload digital tracks are the correct rights holders for that material. Users who represent artists are considered authorized to act for that artist when they match one or more of the following criteria: 1) The user has verified an email address that is of the same domain as the artist website, and that domain is unique to that artist, 2) the user can verify access to the myspace account that the artist uses as their main website (Clubstr never asks for myspace login information), 3) The user followed an email invitation from a trusted venue user who placed the artist on a calendar.

Musical tracks uploaded to Clubstr.com must have the approval of the copyright holder to perform that action. It is the responsibility of the uploader to make sure this approval is secured, and Clubstr.com can not be held responsible for the actions of users who circumvent the checks that Clubstr has in place.

Clubstr users are not permitted to download tracks that have been uploaded by copyright holders, and has certain technology in place that makes it difficult for the vast majority of users to circumvent that policy. The nature of how these digital files are served on the internet, however, makes it impossible to ensure that no user would be able to circumvent the protections that Clubstr has in place. In these cases, the responsibility of legal breach lies with the user. Users who violate this policy may have their access to Clubstr blocked and face legal action.

Widgets and Related Services

Clubstr provides calendar widgets for venues to use on their own website and other social networking sites. The basic widget service is provided at no cost. Clubstr may introduce premium features for these widgets at some point, however it is our intention that the basic widget service will always be free of charge. Clubstr makes every attempt to limit server downtime and develop our widgets to be widely accessible and standards-compliant. However, Clubstr cannot be held responsible if a user is unable to access a widget do to their particular computer configuration and also cannot be held liable for lost income or related business issues due to downtime or internet outages.

For more information about clubstr policies, email info (at) clubstr.com

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